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Logon required 

You must have a logon (User ID and password) to search or register on the PPSR.
You need to log on before using any online service. 

IDs, passwords and PINs

IDs, passwords and PINs

There are a several different IDs, passwords, PINs or access details you will need while using the PPSR.

1. User ID and Password

[image] You need a User ID and Password to logon.

Everyone must have a User ID and Password to use the PPSR, either to search or register.  Use your User ID and Password to logon before using any online service.

It is FREE to register for your logon.  Pay as you go for any service you use that has a fee.  Read more...


2. SPG ID and Password[image] You need an SPG ID and Password to register financing statements on the PPSR.

If you are a secured party that wishes to register any financing statements on the PPSRyou will get an SPG ID and password when you register as a Secured Party Group (SPG).

You will generally only need to register once as an SPG.  Use this ID and Password to register and maintain financing statements.  Read more...


3. Financing statement numbers and PINs

Every financing statement registered on the PPSR is assigned its own registration number and two PINs once registration is complete.   Read more...

[image] Every financing statement is assigned its own registration number and PINs. Financing statement number

This unique registration number specifically identifies each financing statement.

Financing statement PIN

A unique access code (PIN) that is needed to maintain or discharge a financing statement. For secured party use only.

Debtor PIN

A unique access code (PIN) that is only needed if a debtor, or other person with an interest in the collateral, needs to lodge a change demand.  The debtor or interested person may request this PIN from the secured party.


Animated demos

Tutorials and demonstrations

If you need help figuring out how to do things on the PPSR website, our online tutorials and demonstrations will help you on your way.

[internal link] Play a PPSR tutorial.