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Buying other goods


If you buy personal property that is subject to a security interest registered on the PPSR, it may be repossessed to pay off the debt.  This debt may have been incurred by the previous owner but you may still lose the item if the previous owner has not repaid the debt in full.


You should check the PPSR when:

  • Buying personal property that could have been worth more than NZ$2000 at some time, particularly second hand items.
  • Buying a motor vehicle privately that is, not from a registered Motor Vehicle Trader.
  • Buying a boat that is under 24 metres in length.

    Note - The Ship Registration Act 1992, administered by Maritime New Zealand, generally applies to ships over 24 metres in length but some smaller boats and pleasure vessels may also be registered under that Act.  If in doubt, it may pay to check both the PPSR and the Maritime Register of Ships.
  • Buying an aircraft.
  • Buying a house, but only to check on any household items included in the sale (for example, an air conditioner or a dishwasher), a PPSR search will not check on any security interests in the house or land.  Land records are managed by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).
Last updated 29 September 2010


Everyone is a consumer and can potentially be affected by the PPSR.