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Lost IDs, passwords or PINs

It's critical that you maintain records of the various registration numbers and PINs allocated to each registered financing statement. You will need these identifiers whenever you maintain or discharge the financing statement.

There are two different request services available. 


Choose the service you need

Recover a lost SPG ID/password

Because we understand that occasionally the information you need to maintain a financing statement may get mislaid, we have this online service for requesting a lost secured party group ID (SPG ID) and secured party group (SPG) password.

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Recover a lost FS PIN or multiple FS PINs

Use this service if you need to retrieve just one Financing Statement (FS) PIN or if you have had a major loss of data (for example, Hard drive failure) and have lost the details for a number of your PPSR records. You must be logged on to request this information and you will need to enter your Secured Party Group ID and password.

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Request a Debtor PIN

When lodging a Change Demand you will be required to provide the Debtor PIN. Use this form to request for the Debtor PIN.

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If none of the above has answered your question, please contact us.


Last updated 17 June 2016