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Get a User ID (Logon)

You need to be a registered user to register financing statements or search the PPSR.

There are no joining or maintenance fees and you will only be charged for the services you use. If you would like to pay by direct debit for services accessible from this website then you will need set up a direct debit account. You can do this when you register as a user or you can set it up later. If you choose to set up a direct debit account at a later stage, when you encounter any fee paying services you will need to pay for these by credit card. Read more about the payment options.

Once you have registered as a user on any one of our websites, you can use the same User ID and password to access all of our participating websites.


Step by step instructions

How to register for a logon (become a registered user)

Note | If anyone in your organisation has already registered as a user on one of our participating websites, we will already have customer details for your organisation and there may already be a direct debit facility in place. To save yourself time, please ask the Administrator to create a new User ID for you. Contact us if you are not sure who your Administrator is.

To register, follow these steps

Step 1 - Select Get User ID located in the upper right corner of the page.

Step 2 - Complete the 'User Details' section.

Step 3 - Complete the 'Customer Details' section.

If you are an individual:

  • re-enter your name in the Organisation Name field 
  • select Other from the Customer Category drop down menu 
  • re-enter your telephone number 
  • enter your postal address.


Step 4 - Complete the 'Payment Details' section by selecting your payment method:

  • Credit Card Only - You will not be required to enter your credit card details at this time.  If you select Credit Card Only proceed directly to Step 5. 
  • Direct Debit - Select this option if you wish to set up a direct debit account.
    If you select this option, a direct debit form will be emailed to you. Please return the completed and signed direct debit form to us by post to the address on the form. Note the banks require original signatures.

Step 5 - The Sites and Services option allows you to define user account controls and access levels. If you are setting up an individual account, you may generally proceed to the next step.

Step 6 - Scroll back to the top of the page and select Save.

Step 7 – Acknowledge that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions.

Step 8 - Your User ID will be emailed to you. Please ensure you keep it in a secure place.

Step 9 - You can log on to our participating websites as soon as you have received your User ID and password. Any fees incurred can be paid by credit card until your direct debit facility has been activated. It takes up to five working days from the day we receive your signed form to activate your direct debit with the bank.



Tips and notes

  • A red asterisk (*) denotes mandatory fields.
  • Don't use the browser back button.


Your account structure

The User Administration tool is structured at three levels:

  1. Customer account level - containing customer (organisational) details,
  2. Branch level - groups within a customer organisation (optional), and
  3. User level - individuals within an organisation or its branches. 


An Administrator can be appointed within your organisation to maintain customer, branch and user details. The first user is automatically assigned Administrator status. Once the Administrator has logged onto the website and selected My Tools - User Administration from the left hand menu, they can:

  • Maintain your customer (organisational) details (including branch details if required)
  • Create additional users & administrators
  • Specify the sites and services individual users can access
  • Modify user details; including changing passwords and unlocking or closing a User ID (Logon)
  • Download electronic copies of your monthly invoices online (direct debit customers only).


It's important to maintain your customer information

We've assembled step-by-step instructions to help you open and manage your User ID, whether it is the first time you have visited our website, or you just need a refresher: Update your User ID (logon).    


What will it cost?

There are no joining or maintenance fees and you will only be charged for the services you use. Payment is made by direct debit or by charging your credit card as you go.  Refer to the Fees information on our website for a list of fee bearing transactions.

Payment options

  • Payment for online services can be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Diners) or by direct debit - you choose.
  • A ‘Pay Now’ screen will identify services that have an associated fee, so you can decide whether or not to proceed.

1. Direct debit

Your organisation (or its Branches) will receive an invoice, by email, every month when an online service has been accessed. Alternatively you can pick up a copy of your invoice directly from the website. The invoice amount will be direct debited approximately 20 days after you have been invoiced. If no fees were incurred during the previous month then no invoice will be created.

2. Credit card

Credit card transactions are processed using 128-bit encryption technology. Your credit card details are transferred in such a way that the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment does not see or store them. Your transaction is validated in “real time”.

Note | Card Security Code required

It is mandatory to provide the Card Security Code (CSC) when paying by credit card. The CSC number is not your pin number but rather a three or four-digit card verification number printed on either the front or back of your credit card.

On a Visa, Mastercard, or Diners credit card you will typically find a three-digit CSC number on the back of the card printed in the top-right corner of the signature panel.

On an American Express credit card, you will find a four-digit CSC number on the front of the card, above the main credit card number.


Participating websites

Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)
Free phone 0508 PPSR INFO | 0508 777 746

Motor Vehicle Traders Register
Free phone 0508 MOTORTRADERS | 0508 668 678

Societies & Trusts
Free phone 0508 SOCIETIES | 0508 762 438


Last updated 1 February 2016