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Key changes to the new PPSR website

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) has been operating successfully since 2002, contributing to New Zealand’s growing reputation as a leader in modern securities registration.

To maintain its effectiveness and reputation, and to reduce the risks and costs associated with ageing technology, this year we’re undertaking an across-the-board redevelopment of the register and website, with the new PPSR launching on 1 October 2018.

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Given the proven success of the PPSR, legislation and core functionality will remain fundamentally the same. The following is a quick guide describing the key changes to the PPSR website resulting from the PPSR replacement on 1 October 2018:


What's changingPrior to 1 October 2018Post 1 October 2018

New login

To log in to the PPSR and G2B site you used a system generated nine-digit user ID and a seven-character alphanumeric password.

The PPSR user password was chosen by your admin user.

Important — To access the new PPSR website each user will require a RealMe login that will replace your PPSR user ID and password. Think of the RealMe login as a ‘key’ to your account. Your PPSR organisation account concept still remains; you’re just changing your individual key to access it.

To access PPSR you don’t need to verify your identity with RealMe, you just need a RealMe username and password. You can use your existing RealMe login or create a new one via the new PPSR website when registering your new online services account.

There is one exception to the requirement to have a RealMe login: if you only wish to search the PPSR as an individual user, you can log in with your Google or Facebook login.

New online services account

Every user had to create a PPSR organisation account that could have one or more users and branches.

Important — You will need to create a brand new PPSR online services account. To ensure you have uninterrupted access to the PPSR, you will be able to set up your new PPSR online services account from 10 – 26 September. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions.

The new PPSR organisation online services account structure will not support branches.

The new PPSR will introduce an individual user online services account concept suitable for members of public who are searching the PPSR for a second hand car.

User permissions

The user permissions were exhaustive, confusing and hardly used by our customers.

User permissions will be simplified to two options only:

  1. Create and maintain secured party groups and
  2. Create and maintain financing statements

All users will be able to search the PPSR and view SPG and financing statement details. However, without the above permissions, users will not be able to perform any of the maintenance or reporting actions to a financing statement or a secured party group.

By default, all new organisation users will get both permissions. An administrator will be able to manage user permissions as soon as the user has been added to an organisation account.

New dashboard

No dashboard

Once you log in to the new PPSR, you’ll be taken to your user dashboard. From the dashboard you’ll have quick access to the five PPSR search options, ‘My Portfolio’ (see below) and your recent tasks. All users within your PPSR organisation account will share the same dashboard and see the same information as others.

Email notifications

Most website and Government to Business (G2B) transactions resulted in notifications being sent to the register party (or the PPSR user) and secured party, unless they had opted out from these notifications.

All PPSR website transactions will generate an email notification to the registering user and secured party.

Application programming interface (API) (formerly referred to as G2B) customers will be able to choose which API transactions generate an email notification to secured party and/or an organisation’s email address.

Account administrator will be able to choose whether the API transaction notifications are sent to the organisation’s email address.

The person creating or amending the secured party group will be able to choose whether API transaction notifications are sent to the secured party.

'My Portfolio' – home for all your secured party groups (SPGs)

No visibility of the secured party groups managed by you and other users within your PPSR organisation account.

‘My Portfolio’ will provide you and other users within your PPSR organisation account easy access to the associated financing statements.

Important — To manage your financing statements and SPGs you will first need to add an SPG to your portfolio by providing SPG ID and password of an existing SPG or this will happen automatically when you create a new SPG.

All users within your PPSR organisation account will have access to all SPGs listed in ‘My Portfolio’. However, your default SPG will only be visible and applicable to your user account.

New debtor identifier – New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)

Debtors were identified by incorporation name and name only

NZBN is a unique identifier allocated to businesses in New Zealand.

Read more on the NZBN website

With the introduction of the New Zealand Business Number, all NZ government agencies are required to ‘recognise’ NZBN within prescribed timeframes. This is in accordance with the NZBN Whole of Government Directions.

The replacement of the PPSR provides the opportunity to incorporate the changes. Consequently:

  1. As part of the data migration, MBIE will include the NZBN in the active financing statements where the debtor organisation name, the incorporation number and the organisation type entered in the PPSR matches the details in the relevant register where the organisation is registered, (for example, the Companies Register).
  2. The NZBN and incorporation number will be mandatory data for all registered New Zealand businesses (debtor organisations) for new financing statement registrations and amendments of existing financing statements. PPSR will assist with NZBN data entry and if you don’t know the NZBN, we will populate it for you.
  3. Similar to the current debtor incorporation number search, the new PPSR will provide a debtor NZBN search.
  4. Secured parties will have an optional NZBN field and, if entered, this will be private data.

PPSR search

  1. No NZBN search criteria
  2. Wildcard search
  1. NZBN will be added to the debtor organisation search criteria. Debtor organisation name and NZBN search will return the financing statements that contain both name and NZBN.
    Whereas, incorporation number and NZBN search will return all financing statements that contain either of these numbers.
  2. The wildcard search will be replaced by a ‘starts with’ search option.

Data entry

Some debtor organisation name and incorporation number validation in place.

The new PPSR will assist with data entry for all registered debtor organisations, motor vehicle and addresses by providing look up options connected to third party databases and prepopulating the data for you.

New PPSR website address

Until 1 October, to visit PPSR website you go to

From 1 October the URL will change to

If you go to the old URL it will redirect you to the new URL.

Supported browsers

Google Chrome was not fully supported.

Google Chrome will be supported.

Access to all new MBIE websites will be blocked for older browsers, please refer to this Companies Office article for more information.


Last updated 3 August 2018