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PPSR Replacement (rPPSR) Project Update

1 August 2017

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Important update - 21 May 2018

PPSR Go-live Date Delay


The external rPPSR API Reference Group and other API community members have asked MBIE for more time. As a result, we can confirm that the new PPSR go-live date will be 2 July 2018. It’s clear that many of you see PPSR replacement as an opportunity to review your access to the PPSR, enhance the technology you so heavily rely on and refresh your internal business processes, and we appreciate that this requires time and resource. Although it is 11 months before we go live, we encourage you to start planning PPSR replacement now as further requests will not be possible.

MBIE’s testing of the new PPSR commenced last week. We are on the timeline for implementation. External API developers will have access to a dedicated test environment from September 2017. There will be gradual releases, which will allow for early feedback and early improvements on our side. The breakdown of these releases is available on the rPPSR API Online Forum on the Google Groups. The last planned API release in the external test environment is planned for January 2018 which means that the software providers will have five full months of uninterrupted testing for all functions combined as a complete solution. This will provide the API community with enough time to upgrade their software, manage change with employees or customers readiness and most importantly roll out your new PPSR integration to coincide with our go-live on 2 July 2018.

This will be a big-bang go-live, there will be no transition period. MBIE considered this but concluded that there is too much risk associated with attempting to run two PPSR systems (old and new) in parallel.