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Quarterly rPPSR Project Progress Update

1 November 2017

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Important update - 21 May 2018

PPSR Go-live Date Delay


External API developers have had access to the functional test environment (‘sandbox’) both API and website from September 2017, when we released Build 1. We started with new API operations such as SPG management.

Build 2, released last week, delivered search, register and amend financing statement, as well as some of the new user management API operations. We have two more builds to deliver, early December and late January. The links to the up-to-date build timeline, support material and sandbox are available at rPPSR API Online Forum.

We strongly encourage organisations that maintain their own integration with the PPSR to start your development now. We are mindful that your software might have been developed more than a decade ago, please don’t underestimate the amount of work required to upgrade it.

The big bang go-live date of 2 July 2018 is now set in stone. After this date we will not be able to run the existing PPSR system concurrently with the new one. No further extensions will be possible for customers that have not completed development in time.

If your organisation has a PPSR G2B account, we encourage you to check and update your PPSR customer and G2B user details, so you don’t miss out on any important information, for example, your direct debit and PPSR customer account migration instructions. This will also help us to migrate correct details for your organisation to the new PPSR.

Read online instructions for updating your PPSR account details.

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