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Quarterly rPPSR Project Progress Update

9 March 2018

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Important update - 21 May 2018

PPSR Go-live Date Delay


Development of the new API is complete!

As you may know, from 2 July 2018, current Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) G2B web services will be decommissioned. This will affect the software you use to transact on the PPSR. Your organisation or your third party software provider will need to upgrade the integration with the PPSR to be able to connect to the new API after 2 July 2018.

Your quarterly PPSR Replacement (rPPSR) project update

Despite the recent Christmas break, MBIE has made a good progress over the past 3 months:

  • On 8 February the final API specification (v1) was published online on the MBIE API Explorer site (refer to the Console tab).
  • All new API operations (28 in total) were released in sandbox — the new external test environment.
  • Your questions and feedback have been answered by extensive support documentation that is now available on the MBIE API Explorer site (refer to the Documentation tab).
  • MBIE has started testing data migration, with the first legacy data testing scheduled in sandbox in the end of March.
  • Over 60% of customers who are required to upgrade their software have now started testing the new API

How can you get in touch?

Do you have in-house (or outsourced) developed software?

rPPSR API Online Forum on Google Groups continues to be our main communication channel throughout the project. All 206 members that have joined the forum have the opportunity to receive information on the upcoming events in sandbox, ask questions to MBIE and other API community members and raise issues encountered while testing the new API. Make sure your developer has joined the forum.

To join the forum please email

Do you use third party software?

Your software provider will be required to upgrade your PPSR integration. Get in touch with your provider to find out how rPPSR will affect your business operations.

To ensure you receive our quarterly updates we encourage you to keep your PPSR customer and G2B user details up-to-date.

View instructions for updating your PPSR account details [250KB PDF]




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