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The importance of keeping your email address up to date in the PPSR

As the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is a wholly electronic register, the Registrar uses email to communicate with secured party groups.

The Registrar sends all notifications to the Secured Party Group’s (SPG) email address indicated on the financing statement.

It is the SPG’s responsibility to keep their email address on the financing statement up to date and it is imperative that they do so for the following reasons:

  • Email is the only communication method that the Registrar will use to contact a SPG.
  • Users rely on the information that is entered on the PPSR and assume that it is correct.
  • Where a debtor lodges a change demand to discharge a financing statement, notification of this automatically goes to the SPG’s email address listed on the financing statement. If the email address is outdated or does not exist, the financing statement is likely to be discharged without the SPG’s knowledge.
  • Verification statements and confirmation of changes made to a financing statement are emailed to the SPG’s email address.


For more information on how to keep your secured party group details and financing statement details up to date, refer to the PPSR website.


Note | The Registrar does not send the SPG an email when their financing statement is going to expire. It is the responsibility of the SPG to maintain and renew their financing statements when necessary.


Last updated 20 January 2011