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Transition to the new PPSR

To help you transition to the new PPSR we have summarised the key events in the below timeline for you.

PPSR transition timeline


PPSR transition timeline

PPSR transition timeline [PDF 1MB]


Training sessions (4 - 14 September)

Thank you for your overwhelming interest in our PPSR training sessions.

Here you can find all the information we covered during the presentations and webinars.


Early user on-boarding (10 - 26 September)

We will migrate your financing statement and secured party group (SPG) data (including all PINs and passwords) to the new register during the go-live weekend. Key exclusions include financing statements that expired or were discharged prior to 1 January 2013 and PPSR user data, including direct debit authorities.

Therefore, every single customer will be required to create a new PPSR online services account (organisation account for Application Programming Interfaces (API) (formerly known as Government to Business (G2B) customers) and direct debit (mandatory for all API customers). To ensure uninterrupted access to the PPSR on day one, you will be able to set up your access before the replacement PPSR goes live.

From 10 - 26 September all existing or new PPSR customers will have access to the new PPSR website to:

  • create your RealMe login (if you haven’t got one already),
  • set up your new PPSR online services account and direct debit,
  • invite other users within your organisation, and
  • manage your user permissions

Below user guides provide step-by-step instructions of how to complete the above steps. The API customer guide is relevant to those customers who use the G2B PPSR connection.

Early web customer on-boarding guide [PDF 979KB]

Early API customer on-boarding guide [PDF 1MB]


Go live time and date (00:01am, 1 October)

The PPSR will be made unavailable and G2B and TXTB4UBUY services will be taken down at 5pm on Friday, 28 September. Therefore, you will not have access to any of the PPSR services during the go-live weekend. The new fully functional PPSR website and API will launch at 00:01am on Monday, 1 October 2018.


Add SPGs to ‘My Portfolio’ (from 1 October)

If you manage your financing statements manually on the PPSR website after 1 October (once the data has been migrated) you will be required to add your SPGs to ‘My Portfolio’ section on the dashboard. You can do this simply by providing the SPG ID and password. This is a one-off mandatory activity that saves your SPG to your organisation's dashboard to allow better access to the SPGs that your organisation users manage. You may decide to ‘tidy up’ your SPGs before the go-live e.g. transfer financing statements between SPGs. Here is information about free self-service reports you can run on the current PPSR website to get all financing statements registered against an SPG.

How to add an SPG [PDF 313KB]


NZBN transition (1 October - November 30)

Important notice to all secured parties.

As per the Personal Property Securities Amendment Regulations 2018 that are due to come into effect on 1 October 2018, the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) for debtor organisations (that are registered in New Zealand and not a trust or partnership) will be one of the mandatory data required to be contained in a financing statement. The Registrar will include the NZBN of the debtor organisation in the financing statement only if all the following three conditions are met:

  • The organisation type of the debtor organisation in the PPSR is listed as one of the following types:
    • company,
    • incorporated society,
    • charitable trust,
    • industrial and provident society,
    • credit union & friendly society and
    • building society;
  • The organisation type entered in PPSR matches with the source register where the organisation is registered;
  • The name and the incorporation number of the organisation entered in the PPSR exactly matches with the name and incorporation number of the organisation in the source register.


Please ensure that the data relating to the debtor organisation is correctly entered in the PPSR. If the data is incorrect, you can amend the financing statement and correct the data.

You will have 2 months transition period commencing from 1 October 2018 to include the debtor organisation NZBN in your financing statements where an organisation that has an NZBN is listed as a debtor in the PPSR without an NBZN by amending the financing statement. 

Last updated 17 September 2018