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Searching the PPSR

There are many different reasons why you might want to search the PPSR. 

A secured party is likely to search the PPSR as part of the process leading up to entering into a security agreement.

Consumers may search the PPSR before buying an item of personal property to check that there is no money owing.


What you need to know

All searches are conducted via the PPSR website.  For motor vehicle searches you are also able to complete the first stage of your search via your mobile phone using our TXTB4UBUY service.

If you want to conduct a search on the website, you will have to be a registered user.  If you prefer, you can engage an agent to search on your behalf.  PPSR staff are not able to conduct searches of the register for you.

You, or your search agent, will be required to declare on screen that your search is for one of the purposes set out in the Personal Property Securities Act 1999. 

You should also be aware that a search of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) may only tell part of the story.

It is also important to remember that the PPSR is not the only place where security interests are registered.  With a few exceptions, the PPSR can hold financing statements over any property someone can own.  The most significant exceptions are land and ships over 24 metres in length.

There are other organisations who provide a range of searching services with the aim of providing searchers with complete information when deciding whether to commit to a financial relationship with a person or organisation or when buying personal assets (for example, Motor Vehicle).  You should carefully consider what information you need before deciding which searches to conduct.



Further information

Search the website

To search the PPSR you must be a registered user and be logged on (with your User ID and password).

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Search using your mobile phone (SMS) - TXTB4UBUY

Search using your mobile phone (SMS) - TXTB4UBUY

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Search other registers

A search of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) may tell only part of the story. Other registers and service providers can help to fill in the gaps.

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With our TXTB4UBUY service you can use your mobile phone anywhere, anytime to get an indication of whether there is a registered security interest (debt) over a vehicle.