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The PPSR isn't the only place where security interests are registered. With a few exceptions, the PPSR can hold financing statements over any property someone can own.

The most significant exceptions are:


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Other registers you may want to search

The Companies Register

The Companies Register is the official record of all registered companies in New Zealand.  The New Zealand Companies Register is an electronic register where company information and documents can be filed and viewed online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Visit the Companies Office website to search the register.


The Societies and Trusts Register

This website allows you to search for an incorporated society or charitable trust and obtain useful information on these organisations.

Visit the Societies and Trusts Online website to search the register.



Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) holds authoritative information about land surveys and ownership, topographic maps and nautical charts.

Every time private land is bought or sold in New Zealand, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) records the transaction onto the property title. Conveyancers and lawyers lodge legal documents (transfers, records of sale, discharge mortgages, new mortgages). LINZ registers the changes to the title.

Visit the LINZ website.


Register of Ships

Maritime New Zealand maintains the New Zealand Register of Ships. The Register of Ships is a list of all vessels registered in New Zealand under the Ship Registration Act 1992.

Visit the Maritime New Zealand website.


Other service providers

A search of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) may tell only part of the story. In addition to searching other government registers (as above) other service providers can help to fill in other gaps. For example, in the case of a motor vehicle a PPSR search will not confirm the current registered owner or whether the vehicle is stolen. Similarly searching the PPSR for information as part of a credit check will only reveal whether there are any registered security interests.

There are a number of organisations who provide a range of searching services with the aim of providing searchers with complete information when deciding whether to commit to a financial relationship with a person or organisation or when buying personal assets (for instance, a Motor Vehicle).

There are also a number of third-party providers that specifically offer searching and registration services for the PPSR. The level of service available and the associated costs will vary from each provider. Such service providers may be listed in the Yellow Pages or other business directories. Some of these organisations maintain their own websites so they can be found by using a search engine (for example, Google). 


Last updated 21 July 2016


With our TXTB4UBUY service you can use your mobile phone anywhere, anytime to get an indication of whether there is a registered security interest (debt) over a vehicle. 



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