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Who can search the register?

You need to have a logon

To conduct a search on the PPSR website you must be a registered user and have successfully logged on with your User ID and password. This will enable the PPSR to 'footprint' you as you search. If you prefer, you can engage an agent to search on your behalf. 

Note | PPSR staff are not able to complete this search for you.

Learn about getting a logon for the PPSR website.


You must only search the PPSR with good reason

Strict privacy conditions are set out in Section 173 of the Personal Property Securities Act 1999 (the Act) determining who may search the Register. You (or your search agent) will be required to validate on screen that your search is for one of the purposes set out in the Act. These include:

  • searching for information about yourself, or someone else searching for information about you with your consent
  • the debtor or secured party may search for a purpose related to their registered financing statement
  • establishing whether the collateral (personal property) you are about to purchase or deal with has a security interest registered against it
  • establishing whether to provide credit to, or to obtain a guarantee or an indemnity from the person you are searching
  • establishing whether to invest in, with, or through, the person you are searching
  • the news media for verifying or establishing, in relation to a particular record, a fact that relates to its news activities and
  • a liquidator for purposes related to the administration of the liquidation of a company. 


What searches are available?

Debtor Person Search

To search for registrations against debtors who are individuals. Find out how

Debtor Organisation Search

To search for registrations against debtors who are organisations. Find out how

Motor Vehicle Search

To search using a motor vehicle's registration number, chassis number and VIN. Find out how

Aircraft Serial Number Search

To search using an aircraft's serial number(s). Find out how

Financing Statement Number Search

To search for a specific financing statement, even one that has been discharged. Find out how

What does it cost?

All searches cost $2.30 and you will be charged irrespective of whether any results are returned. A search conducted using appropriate criteria that returns no results can be just as useful as one returning registered financing statements - it may help to confirm that there are no current registered security interests. View the current fee schedule.

There are two ways to pay - Credit card or Direct debit. All services that require a fee are identified by a 'Pay Now' screen so you can decide whether or not to proceed. Learn more about the payment options


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What measures are in place to protect the integrity of the information in a financing statement

Once a financing statement is registered, a record is kept of all changes to that financing statement. This includes recording the user that made the changes and the date and time of those changes. 

A user of the PPSR must pass through three levels of security before being able to discharge, or make amendments to the content of a financing statement:

  1. User Logon (User ID and password)
    The Logon identifies the user and determines their authority and permissions. For example, some users may not be assigned amendment or discharge rights.
  2. Secured Party Group identification (Secured Party Group ID and password)
    The user must have the rights to enter or amend financing statements within their jurisdiction. A registered user with the secured party group ID and password is able to change financing statements associated with that secured party group, provided they also have the financing statement registration number and PIN.
  3. Financing statement identification
    Financing statement registration number and PIN.


Understanding your search results

Now that you have completed a search it's important to understand the results.

Read more…


With our TXTB4UBUY service you can use your mobile phone anywhere, anytime to get an indication of whether there is a registered security interest (debt) over a vehicle. 



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