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The TXTB4UBUY service will be decommissioned

TXTB4UBUY will be decommissioned at 5pm on Friday 28 September and will be replaced by a new mobile-friendly search for motor vehicles on 1 October 2018. Read the full story

Welcome to TXTB4UBUY

Welcome to TXTB4UBUY 

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Before you buy a second hand vehicle, text us to check if money could be owing on the vehicle. There are 3 basic steps to completing a TXTB4UBUY search. First you send us an SMS text. Next you will receive a reply containing information that you then use to complete your search online.

Charges may vary, but won't exceed $2.30 per submitted search (the fee is charged to your mobile phone). 


Step by step instructions

Step 1 — Use your mobile phone to submit a TXTB4UBUY search

Send an SMS text message to 3463 containing a vehicle’s registration number, VIN and/or chassis number. 


Step 2 — You will receive an SMS response

You should receive an SMS reply within minutes.


Step 3 — Complete your search online using your SMS ID

To complete your search online you will need the SMS ID provided in the reply. Using this search option will not initiate a new search but it will confirm the SMS search results received at Step 2.