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Maintaining an SPG


  • It is FREE - there are no fees for using any of the options to maintain Secured Party Groups. 
  • Changes you make to a Secured Party Group will apply to all financing statements for that Secured Party Group.
  • You can change contact details for members of a Secured Party Group (SPG) but you cannot change the actual membership of an SPG – that is, add or remove members or change the names of any of those members.  Instead you must create a new Secured Party Group then transfer the financing statements to the new group. 
  • Your Secured Party Group ID and password are a critical and sensitive piece of information.  If you suspect that security has been compromised, change the password immediately.


The steps to maintain Secured Party Group details

Updating details of an SPG is completed in two stages.  First you save the changes you have made, then you register those changes.  Once you have completed both stages the changes will appear in the public register.

  1. Log on using your User ID and password.
  2. From the PPSR Registration menu choose Secured Parties – Maintain Secured Party Group.
  3. Enter the Secured Party Group ID and password and click Continue.
  4. Click on the Secured Party Group member’s name to update their details.  There may be one or more members in a Secured Party Group.
  5. Review the contact details and make any changes necessary then click Save.  Contact details you can update include addresses, phone and fax details.
  6. If you need to update details for another member of the Secured Party Group, repeat steps 4 and 5.
  7. When all the changes have been made, submit them by clicking Register Changes.
  8. The PPSR will prompt you to confirm that you want the saved changes to be applied to all registered and pending financing statements belonging to the Secured Party Group.  If you choose Yes, you will also receive onscreen advice that Financing Change Statements and Verification Statements will be generated for all affected registered financing statements – click OK.



The steps to maintain your Secured Party Group password

  1. Log on using your User ID and password.
  2. From the PPSR Registration menu choose Secured Parties – Change Secured Party Group Password.
  3. Enter the existing Secured Party Group ID and password.  Then enter and confirm the new password and click OK.
  4. You will receive onscreen confirmation that the password has been changed.  In addition to this onscreen advice, an email will be sent to all members of the Secured Party Group advising them of the password change.



Your User ID is a nine-digit number and your password is seven alpha-numeric characters and is case sensitive.

To change the person acting on behalf of a secured party group for one financing statement, you can either record those details at the time you register a financing statement or you can amend a registered financing statement.

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