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Registering as an SPG


There are three basic steps to registering on the PPSR.

  1. Register as a user (Get a User ID and password); then
  2. Register as a Secured Party Group (SPG); then
  3. Register your financing statement(s).


This guide will take you through Step 2 -  Register as a Secured Party Group.



How do I register a secured party group (SPG)?

  1. Log on using your User ID and password.
  2. From the PPSR Registration menu choose Secured Parties – Create Secured Party Group.
  3. Select whether the first (or only) member of your Secured Party Group is a person or an organisation.

    Note | Where a Secured Party Group is an organisation, a name or job title may be entered for the person acting on their behalf instead of the name of the person currently employed in that role.

    The job titles will need to be entered into the existing First Name and Last Name fields, e.g. The Accountant.

  4. Complete the details required in the ‘Create Secured Party Group’ screen then click Save.
  5. From the Secured Party Group List choose to either:
    • Add Another Member to your Secured Party Group.  Repeat steps 4-5 until your Secured Party Group accurately represents all of the secured parties.
    • Remove Selected member from your Secured Party Group.  First put a tick in the box beside the Secured Party Member you wish to remove.
    • Check or edit the details of a Secured Party Member by clicking on their name in the list.
    • Exit – to cancel registration of this Secured Party Group.  The details you have entered will not be saved.
    • Register Group – when you have successfully added all the members of the Secured Party Group; there may be several members or only one.
      • Take note of your case-sensitive Secured Party Group ID and password.
      • Click OK to confirm the registration or choose Change Password to select a Secured Party Group password that is easier to remember.

You are now set up to register financing statements.


Notes | Fields marked with an * must be completed.  Your User ID is a nine-digit number and your password is seven alpha-numeric characters and is case sensitive.



Last updated 30 June 2009


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