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Secured party tools

There are a number of online tools available to secured parties to help ensure the Personal Property Securities Register is set up to work the way that you want it to, and to help you manage your registrations.


There are tools help you to:

Manage your logon

Registering as a user of our websites provides fast and convenient access to our online services. Once you have a User ID you may need to update your details from time to time. In this section you will find information about managing your logon including updating your details, accessing online invoices and checking the terms and conditions associated with your logon.

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List your Financing Statement PIN(s)

You can retrieve your Financing Statement PINs and Debtor PINs online. You must use the Financing Statement PIN whenever you need to maintain your financing statement.

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Choose which emails you will receive for each registration

The PPSR generates emails when you register as a Secured Party Group and each time you register a financing statement. To ensure you receive all the emails you expect, you will need to check the email options available on the website.

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Keep track of your financing statements

It is critical that you maintain records of the various registration numbers and PINs allocated to each registered financing statement. To help you monitor your registered financing statements you can create reports on the PPSR for free.

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View your registered financing statements for FREE

As a secured party group you can view details of any financing statements you have registered, for FREE. You can also use this option if you ever need to produce a copy of the verification statement for the debtor.

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Last updated 30 June 2009


Tools for secured parties

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Secured Party Tools
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